15th May 2024

Dorothy & Peter Lane

Dorothy & Peter Lane are celebrating their 65th Wedding Anniversary! The couple wed at St Edmunds Church on 16th May 1959. They welcomed a daughter in 1968, 2 grandchildren in 1996 and 1999, and are now excited to meet their 1st great grandchild this year. Their family feel very lucky to be celebrating this momentous occasion with them, and want them to know just how treasured they are. They say words will never be able to convey how much they love them and how grateful they are for everything they have done and continue to do for them. Wishing Mum and Dad, Nanna and Grandad all the health and happiness in the world on their 65th wedding anniversary! ‘We are reminded true love is not just about the years spent together but the countless smiles, shared dreams, and unwavering support given to each other.’

Originally published in Mansfield & Ashfield Chad on 15th May 2024

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Be the first one to send Dorothy & Peter Lane wishes!
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